Art Residence "Kunst Asyl" in Quedlinburg / Germany

Einzelzimmer mit Kochecke

Description of the residency program

The basic idea is to make a “Culture-Integration-Dialogue” with different artists of the lands out of Europe and inside Europe.

We want to activate this little town of Quedlinburg in art. This town have now only a very long history of middleaged kings residences and old architecture. Many people are workless or were gone after opening the German-German borderline. In actual time only commercial interests, tourism, and the typical capitalismus effects of to have no money and a consciousness only about money, work and television rules the minds of the people.

This is a humanistic project against:

  • Consumerism
  • Stereotypes
  • Separation                                   …….               of people and values.

This project wants to connect well-minded-persons together.

This project wants to bring back the values of humanism in our Post-Modernism    time.

The resident artist have the possibility to research the visiting region of middle-east Germany in context of the German east-west-conflict and the contemporary situation now.

The resident artist have to work about:

  • global “Integration”, human universal values
  • lokal “After the Wall against the Border”, research about the local history

This art residence is a first step to bring together different artists for later concerted work in this subject in a bigger “Culture-Integration-Project” with (in actual time now) partners in Russia and Armenia.

Adress: Narine Zolyan, Kaiser Otto Strasse 36, Germany 06484 Quedlinburg

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