Нарине Золян

“художница, обладающая многогранностью идения.”

Zwischen Illusion und Realität

Ausstellung – Projekt Blasiikirche in Quedlinburg Juli / August 2014

Fragments: Revision or Endless Reincarnation

Personal exhibition in the halls of the ACCA Center for Experimental Art in Erevan / Armenia, June 2011

“Integrieren Sie sich !”

Exhibition project in Quedlinburg / Germany from Narine Zolyan and her husband Thomas Schindler about the process to change the land and livingplace and all mental and buerocratic stress and the politic forcing to the immigrants.

Student Projects 2009

Exhibition with students projects under the leadership of Narine Zolyan. 12/2009 Museum of the language university after Brusov in Erevan / Armenia