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To live in a multi-dimensional space.
Tested by life and the tester be.
To mark the crosspoints.

Narine Zolyan

Zolyan, Narine

Born 1957

„Kunst Asyl“, art residence, house for Artists-in-Residence

Adress:  Kaiser Otto Strasse 36,   06484 Quedlinburg, Germany  

Phone: 0049-3946-9799749                      mobil: 0049-151-28904729


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1976 – 1981  Yerevan State Art Institute

1981 – 1985  Surikov Art Academy, Moscow

1986-1991  Yerevan .Museum by Ervand  Kochar. Senior researcher.


1991-2003. Moscou. International school N 1650 with deepen researching o f languages and history of nations. The head of Art-aestetic Center

998 Exhibition of Children’s works, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the earthquake in Armenia

1998 Foundation of Childrens Work Museum in the International School N 1650, Moscow

1996 UNESCO Artists International Federation member

1994 “The City of Childhood”, Europe House, Moscow

1995 “The Khaki Fir Tree” (Action), The Central Writer’s House, Moscow
Competition of the Children’s Works dedicated to the 850th Anniversary of Moscow
(awarded a diploma by the Education Department of the Moscow Government)

2008 -2011Yerevan State Linguistic University after Brusov.The head of Aesthetik Center. The teacher of compаrative analysis of foreign Art.

Many international and national projects as a curator and author.


2017 Feb-Marz. “Landeinwärts” Gallery Brötzinger Art in Pforzheim

2016 Aug-Sept. “Von Abstrakt zu den Zeichen”, Wordspeicher Quedlinburg

2015 Sept. “Heimaten Global” Photos in Hamburg Kulturscheune

2015 Okt. “Spektral”, Leipzig

2015 Okt. “From Modernism to Postmodernism”, Yerevan, Museum of Komitas

2015 Sept-Okt. “Natur und Mensch” in St.Andreasberg, Nationalpark Harz

2015 Sept. Gallerysightseeng Spinnerei Leipzig: “Krieg und Wir”

2015 May, german-armenian days of culture Berlin Karlshorst

2015 January, Rosa Luxembourg Konferenz Exhibition in Berlin Urania

2014 3.July to 24.Aug., Blasiichurch Quedlinburg, personal exhibition “Between Illusion and Reality”

2014 June, Galley Sprechsaal , part of“Armenia Armenia!” Curator Archi Galentz

2014 11.Jan., Gallerysightseeing Spinnerei Leipzig, G11, presentation of nineties works (graphic and oil)

2013 27.9. to 8.10., Interiour DaSein Berlin, Part of “Writing HAJQ”, contemporary script art from Armenia

2013 21.9. and 22.9., Gallerysightseeing Spinnerei Leipzig, Member of G11”Menschensucht”, together with Thomas Schindler

2013 May, Quedlinburg, 7Kunst gallery, common exhibition of different artists of the town Quedlinburg

2013 April, Quedlinburg, Palais Salfeldt, “Integrieren Sie sich !” exhibition together with Thomas Schindler

2012 Sep.-Dez. Quedlinburg, Germany, 7Kunstgalerie, Special exhibition of works from different times

2012 may, Yerevan, member of the shortcut film festival

2011 dec. Central House of Artists Yerevan, personal exhibition

2011 dec.exhibition in the gallery of the “Interieur DAsein”, Berlin, Germany

2011 nov. National Gallery Yerevan, exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenian Independence

2011 20.10.-4.12.,Germany,Halle(Saale), Contemporary Armenian Art exhibition, Verein Talstrasse e.V.

2011 june. Yerevan,ACCA, “Fragments: Revision or Endless Reincarnation”,personal exhibition

2011 april. KOND/Yerevan, “Don’t worry, be happy”. Open air exhibition .

2011 march. Yerevan, Naregatsi Art Institute,“Gender Trouble.Amor Fati ?”exhibition together with Verena Kyselka, Germany.curator Susanna Gyulamiryan

2011 march. Yerevan .Haiart. “The women s dialog” ”Illusions”. Photoraphy. 90×70см

2010 Yerevan, ACCA, “Toy of the idle time’ exhibition, Photography. “Nation” 90x60sm

2010 Yerevan Academia Gallery, New figurative art in Armenia, “Human”, three piecies c-print (90x60sm) each

2010 “Armenia in the mirror of facts and artefacts”, Yerevan, International Short Film Festival ”one shot”

2009 Researching of modernism linguo-aesthetic exhibition with Armenian Foreign Languages University students

2009 Armenia in the mirror of the facts and artefacts, Karlsruhe/Germany

2008 Resistance, Yerevan/Armenia

2008 Yerevan, “Not Perused Lessons”, Museum of Contemporary Art.

2008 Katalogue presentation of the Gyumri Biennale 2006 and the Biennale part “Artanish-Art-Residence”

2007 Yerevan, “Behind the Wall”,museum of Contemporary Art

2007 Yerevan ACCA “Yerevan Crisis”

2007 Greece Saloniki Heterotopia Biennale.

2006-november-december. Swiss. Ekotopia.(with Thomas Schindler, Germany.)

2006-october-november. “Don´t afraid.”(dedicated to independence of Armenia).Npak, Yerevan. Armenia..
(with Thomas Schindler, Germany)

2006 august-september ART-ANISH-ART-RESIDENCE . Armenia at Sea to Sea.”. Kurator and member. – Armenia. Sevan . (supported by open cociety institute.)

2006-july- Slovenia, “Panta Rea”-video art, member

2005-4.-14.october, “Creative Synthetics”, woman´s art exhibition

2005-june- ecological caucasus project with children. (Samvel Bagdasaryan Studio), Armenia.
Academia Gallery Curator

2005-july 29th- Methamorphoses (Akanat Gallery / Zolyan/Zulumyan)

2005-august 4th- NPAK (with Thomas Schindler) Armenia

2005 “Armenian Lessons”, Paris

2005 “Women’s dialogue”, NPAK, Yerevan

2005 “On the Move”, Basement gallery, Vienna, Austria

2004 “Art Caucasus”, Georgia

2004 “Inhabit Invaironment” (poems and me), Personal. Ost Gallery, Moscow

2004 “Silence Language”, Personal. Spider Mouse Gallery, Moscow

2004 “Womens City”, NPAK, curator and member

2004 4th International Biennale, Gumri, Armenia

2004 “Mass Media”, Armenian Center for contemporary art, Yerevan

2003 International Caucasus Forum, Georgia

2003 “Underground”. Ignat Danilcev project. Action. Member. Moscow

2003 “Anatomy”, Ost gallery. Moscow

2003 “Watch out, Religion”, Sakharov center. Coordinator and member. Moscow

2002 “New year’s palm”, Club Mucha. Moscow

2002 “Reaction”, A-3 gallery. Moscow

2002 “Women’s Selfportrait”, RGGU. Moscow

2002 The festival dedicated to Mayakovsky. Zverev Center. Moscow

2002 “Children’s Fears – 2”, Zverev Center. Moscow

2002 “Motherland – Fatherland”, International Forum of Creative Initiatives. Moscow

2002 Feminist Exhibition. NPAK. Yerevan

2001 KUK – ART, 5th International Festival, Tsarskoe Selo. Russia

2000 “Children’s Fears of Christmas Eve Night”, NPAK. Curator and member.

2000 Non – Professional Photo, Escape gallery. Moscow

2000 “Transition” (in collaboration with A.Zulumyan, curator of 3 exhibitions timed to
the Armenian International Biennale Gumri) in Moscow

1999 “Three Tendencies”, “Hay – Art”, Yerevan

1999 “Great Atrophy”, International Exhibition, “Hay – Art”, Yerevan

1999 “Shut Towm”, Moscow – Yerevan Joint International Exhibition, “Hay – Art”, Yerevan, coordinator and participant

1999 “Premonitions of Catastrophes”, Spider and Mouse Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1998 “Golden Pellet”, Spider and Mouse Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1998 International Art Fair, Moskow, Minor Manezh

1997 International Ecumenical Exhibition, Graz, Austria

1997 “Armenian Lessons”, Spider and Mouse Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1997 Reconstruction of Andrey Blagov’s works, Perchihiina’s Project, Spider and Mouse Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1996 Metaphysics of Landscape, Spider and Mouse gallery, Moscow

1996 Foundation of the “Z x Z” art group with H.Zulumian, Moscow

1995 Individual Exhibition of Drawing, AZART Exhibition Hall, Holland

1995 Russian and Armenian Artists’ Exhibition “United Space” at Europe House, Moscow

1993 – 1995 – “Variant 94”, Kashirka Exhibition Hall, Moscow
– “Sign and Symbol”, Architects House, Moscow
– “Improvisation”, Moscow
– “Alternative”, Solianka Exhibition Hall, Moscow

1993 – 1998 fifteen Exhibitions in Moscow

1993 – 1999 participant of more than twenty art exhibitions

1991 about ten municipal and state exhibitions, Yerevan

1986 Exhibition at Kochar Museum Exhibition Hall, Yerevan

1983 5th Moscow Youth Exhibition